Planning to visit Kodaikanal and want a list of some of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal?

Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal Lake is a picturesque man-made, star-shaped lake located in the Kodaikanal town. Situated at an elevation of 2285 meters, this lake is among the must include places in your Kodaikanal tour packages. You can hire row boats & pedal boats and enjoy boating in the calm waters of the lake. You can also hire bicycles beside the lake for short intervals, which is a favorite activity for kids and adults as well. There are several shops and eateries around the lake that sell clothes, toys, etc.

Coakers Walk

One of the popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal, Coaker’s Walk is something worth visiting. It is a narrow pedestrian path which is approximately one km in length. This mountain road is just half km away from the Kodaikanal Lake. Running along the slope edges on the southern side of the Kodai Road, the Coaker’s Walk starts near the van Allen hospital and joins the main road above the St. Peter’s Church. These places offer tourists a refreshing setting along with a breathtaking view.

Bryant Park

Situated on the eastern side of Kodai Lake, Bryant Park is a botanical park and a blessing on the hill station for those who are interested in botany. The park is known for various kinds of flowers, hybrids and grafts. Cut flowers from the park are used for exporting because of their good quality and wide range of variety. This park also has a glass house with many fine varieties of flowers which adds on to the overall charm of the place. In the month of May, a flower show is also conducted in the park which is a part of the summer festival attracting many tourists.

Silver Cascade Falls

The Silver Cascade Falls formed as a result of the overflowing of the famous man-made Kodai Lake. They are the perfect way to have a break while on a long road trip. You can also take a swim in the waters of the waterfall if the temperature feels right to you. While on your journey from Kodaikanal to Madurai by road, you will be amused by the stunning sight of water thrashing down from 180 feet right into the ground below and mesmerizing one and all with its sheer strength and beauty.

Guna Cave

Located a bit away from the Kodaikanal city on the Pillar Rocks Road, Guna Caves is one of the mysterious tourist attractions in Kodaikanal that promises an enthralling experience. Mainly known as Devil’s Kitchen, these caves are actually caverns formed between the three boulders of the mountain. These have been discovered in 1821 but they gained tourist attraction only after the Tamil movie “Guna” shot here became a massive hit. Today, parts of the caves can be seen from a distance & bats are found in plenty inside the caves which make the place look scary.

Thalaiyar Falls

Popular as Rat Tail Falls, the Thalaiyar Falls is the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu. Gushing down from the slopes of the verdant Palani Hills in Dindigul District, Thalaiyar Falls is situated around 40 kilometers from Kodaikanal. Furthermore, this mesmerizing waterfall can be spotted across the entire valley. From faraway places, you can see Thalaiyar Falls as a thin silver strip of water freefalling with the lush green mountains and dark rocks making for a scenic backdrop.